When is a blog not a blog…

When it’s never updated, that’s when. The aim of our blog was to keep supporters up to date in a pretty informal manner with our key activities and achievements. It doesn’t need to be anything to jazzy or official, but keeps everyone in the loop, and if nothing else, we can remind ourselves why we’re doing what we do!


However, if it’s not used, it becomes nothing more than a page on a website that fills up server space for not much use. But we’ve been so busy lately it’s hard to keep track of what we’re up to, never mind write it down for your entertainment!


Personally, professionally and for the charity, I can’t remember being busier!

At the beginning of the month we took the long awaited step of moving out of our first home, and into a much more suitable, bigger home. There wasn’t much wrong with our old house, except we’d overfilled every nook and cranny and generally out grew it. Oh, and it flooded. Sitting at work wondering when, or if, the rain would stop kept stress levels above a comfortable level, so when we got offered a very surprising offer to part-exchange the house, we jumped at the chance.


I’ve since been told that the only thing more stressful than moving house is divorce, and if that’s the case, I’ll not be trying that anytime soon (Love you, Sam!) I assumed that only moving a couple of miles meant we wouldn’t really need to get professional help, and that the raft of offers of help would be sufficient. How wrong could I be!


There’s still a couple of boxes knocking about 5 weeks later, but we’re getting there!


Work, well, it’s work! But I’ve spent less time at my desk and more time running around this month than I’ve ever had to before!


And then there’s the charity. It’s been almost 12 months since the launch event kicked it all off, and we’re getting really close to achieving our goal for 2018; the purchase of a holiday home for our families to enjoy. So much so, we’ve started shopping around, and now know where the holiday home will be, and have narrowed the selection down to a couple of caravans. Exciting times indeed. The hope is we’ll have everything up and running by the time the school summer holidays come round, but it will be a challenge.


On top of that, we’ve had our second annual Easter Egg Hunt, which despite the awful cold and wind, was enjoyed by all (“most!” – Sam).


And we’ve had lots of good news about past events including those ran by clubs, work places & supermarkets. The comedy-large cheque has barely been clean!


Of course, we can’t do it without you guys, and more and more of you are coming to us to arrange events to support our cause. Golf days, Half Marathons and Motorcycle rides are all sure to appear in the blog in the coming year, as I promise I’ll make more use of it!


Check back soon and hold me to my word! This first year has been an incredible one, and we hope for many, many more to come!