Welcome to the Jack’s Journey website

Jack’s Journey is all about family! Our family supporting other families around Cumbria who have set off on a similar journey to ours, down the road of childhood cancer.

By providing financial support and, in the future, holiday accommodation, we hope to alleviate some of the stresses that a childhood cancer diagnosis brings.

Around the website you’ll be able to find out who we are, how we try to help, what we’ve done, and what we plan to do! Hopefully somewhere around here you’ll find the motivation and inspiration to join us on our journey, and help others on theirs; through childhood cancer and out the other side!

We need your help in 2024!

Its been a while since the website has been updated! Embarrassingly, the world didn’t know what COVID was the last time this page got a refresh! But since then, Jack’s Journey has hit some incredible milestones, and that has been through your support! We’re now helping more families than ever with our holiday homes at Ribby Hall and Lowther Holiday Park thanks to your generous donations.

However, our Ribby Hall holiday home is over 10 years old, and starting to show how well loved it has been, from when it was originally operated by Hope for Holly and the 4 years that we’ve ran the site. And we’d love to give it a refresh! All of our fundraising efforts this years will be channelled towards giving families the best time at both our sites, but Ribby Hall needs the most love!

If you have events in mind, please let us know, we’d love to help and support in any ways we can!