Andrew Gibson

Andrew is Jack’s Dad, and a founder of Jack’s Journey.


Knowing all too well the feelings brought on when a child is diagnosed, Andrew was determined to help others in the same situation. That drive continues, and whether it be getting out on his bike, organising events, or eating the many baked goods on offer at cake sales, Andrew does everything he can to grow the charity and support Cumbria families.


Samantha Gibson

Samantha is Jack’s mam, and a founder of Jack’s Journey. Since Jack’s older sister Amelia was diagnosed with meningococcal septicaemia at 17 weeks old, Sam hoped never to experience having another poorly child again. From being there when Jack was fitted with a portacath and starting chemotherapy just two days later, Sam was determined to ensure Jack’s recovery goes as smoothly as possible.

This has meant, Sam giving up her work until Jack went into maintenance and family life settled back into a new kind of normal. However, new normal bring financial pressures and Sam is incredibly thankful for all of the help they received during her 10 months off work and feels passionate about alleviating the financial pressures other families face in similar situation.


Carol Reid

Carol is Jack’s Grandma and since Jack’s diagnosis has taken an active part in helping organise events and initiatives around fundraising for Jack’s Journey.

Carol organised the cake sale at the Big Chocolate Tea and was, in her own words, “Chief Refreshments Officer” for the original cycle ride and hopes to be a major influence in organising future charity events


John Coward

John is a close part of Jack’s extended family and has been a major source of support to Andrew, Samantha and Amelia since Jack’s diagnosis. John supported the cycle ride on his motor bike as part of the motorcade.

John brings experience from several large volunteer organisations, notably the Special Constabulary and Blood Bikes, and the way they are organised and managed ensures Jack’s Journey sets off on the right foot and continues on to bigger and better things.


Jess Southwell

Jess is Jack’s Godmother and has been an important part of his life since day 1. During the initial stages of diagnosis she was critical in providing support to the family.

As a teacher, she brings years of experience in dealing with children, especially from a pastarol perspective.



Kenneth Hodgson

Ken is Jack’s Great-grandfather, and plays a major part in his day to day life.

Having spent much of his life on non-for-profit organsitation boards, and much of that as chairman, he brings a wealth of experience to the charity, an often brings a calming, no-nonsense approach to decision making and problem-solving.