First JJ official Blog post!

It’s been a long time since I wrote a blog post, but we’ve been a tiny bit busy of late!

What with the official registration of JJ with the charity commission, branding of the charity with the amazing Rebecca Watson (, acquiring lots of lovely merchadise, an easter egg walk, working with Linda Radcliffe, major of Maryport on several fund raising ideas, we’ve barely had chance to breathe since Christmas.

And that’s without normal family life, including all the challenges childhood cancer throws in our path.

But this weekend was especially significant. It marked the start of others taking on the challenge of Fundraising for our cause. On Saturday, a team represented Jacks Journey in the Keswick 2 Barrow walk, an amazing feat of 42 miles over fells, round lakes, and across moors, a feat of true endurance.

And in a similar vane, Jill and Luigi Woolaghan completed the Fred Whitton Challenge in Sunday, a cycle route of 112 miles over all of the most challenging fells in the lakes. Raising well in excess of £2000 for Jack’s Journey, the pair were inspired by Jack’s challenging treatment, and grinned all the way round.

These 2 events put our effort of Bag Packing in Morrisons, Workington to shame, but we also managed to raise £700 whilst engaging members of the public and raising awareness for the charity!

As more and more events happen, well keep the blog updated, but check out the “Events” and “Past events” pages for news and photos of everything thats going on!